Jade is a rising star and professional Middle Eastern dancer based out of Los Angeles. Her specialty is classic and modern Egyptian-style belly dance. Jade is a gifted artist, able to enchant and captivate her audience with her fluidity and passion. Her performances are beautiful, soulful, and full of grace, making Jade one of the most sought-after performers in Los Angeles.

From a very young age, Jade expressed an interest in the music, rhythms, and dance of different cultures from around the world. Initially trained in Latin dance, jazz, and ballet, it wasn't until 2003 that Jade discovered her true passion: the alluring art of belly dance. She expressed an immediate fascination for the art, and quickly set her sights on becoming a formidable figure in the belly-dancing world.

Jade began her formal training in belly dance under the internationally acclaimed Aisha Ali, a renowned authority in Egyptian and North African dance. After two years of working with Ali, Jade became acquainted with Adam Basma, director and choreographer of the Adam Basma Company. Jade was eventually invited to join the company, where she studied modern Egyptian belly dance and Middle Eastern folklore dance under masters such as Adam Basma and Talin.