A devoted student, Jade has also studied under masterful Egyptian dancers and local performers such as Diana Tarkan, Leila of Cairo, Tito, Tamra-Henna, Randa Kamel , Princess Farhana and Kamala, among others. Jade credits these inspirational dancers and teachers providing her the guidance and motivation to embrace her art with her entire being.

Jade is a committed to her art, and continues to study both the dance and the culture of the Middle East, adding depth to her entrancing performances. She actively participates in intensive workshops with renowned masters of belly dance, and trains on a regular basis.

As a soloist performer, Jade has had the opportunity to dance on TV shows for Telemundo, and has performed at countless private events and restaurants throughout Los Angeles. As a member of the Kiyanna Dance Company, Jade has performed in concerts, weddings, and large-scale events for well-known Persian celebrities.

Jade's relationship to the art of belly dance continues to expand and evolve. She now offers beginner's belly dancing classes to women of all ages and experience. Through teaching, Jade continues to learn and to awaken others to the beauty of her art.